Monday, 2 May 2011


Sheikh Aboud Rogo is a muslim preacher dedicated to spreading the message of global Jihad.He carries out his weekly sermons at masjid Musa in Majengo area, Mombasa.
The Sheikh was Arrested in 2002 after claims that he perticipated in paradise bombings which killed about a dozen of disbelievers.After 2 years in  prison, he was released.
He got back with his Daawah with a greater momentum.
By Allah's Grace, he managed to conquer many muslims, removed them from the dirty idology of the west and put them into their native form of government,Shariah.Therefore he is considered a turning point for life of many muslims at the coast and the country at large.

Later, he was rearrested for claims of being a member of Al-shabab, an islamic group in neiboughring somalia.The arrests were actually triggered by members of C.I.P.K who colluded with kenya police.
After his second release he vows to continue with the same spirit and he has massified his lectures within Mombasa town.

The hypocrites of C.I.P.K especially Hassan Liwatoni are really hurt by these achievements............
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Sheikh Aboud Rogo has advanced in his Daawah and has produced lots of lectures including the famous Ramadhan Collection.
Part of the Ramadhan collection lectures

Recently, a group of Shameless women took to the streets of Mombasa, raising banners which showed their hatred towards Sheikh Aboud.The women said that the protests were meant to show their solidarity in opposing Sheikh Aboud's Daawah.They accused him of luring their sons to join Al-shabab group.
The protests were organised by the C.I.P.K 

Sheikh Aboud Rogo is currently attending his case with his muslim brother Abubakr Makaburi in Nairobi
We pray to Allah that he ends th stupid case.